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and administration in history of relevant waters of the Sout▓h China Sea;— The Philippines puts together some remotely relevant and woefully weak pieces of

evidence and makes far-fetched inferences to support its submissions;— The Philippines, in order to make out its claim▓s, arbitrarily interprets rules of international

law, and resorts▓ to highly controversial legal cases and unauthoritative personal opinions in large quantity.120. In short, the Philippines’ unilateral i

nitiation of arbitration con

Welcome to Global Connect! of movement and posed a serious threat to the whole community, he

tra▓venes international law including the UNCLOS dispute settlement mechanism. The Arbitral Tribuna▓l in the South China Sea arbitration established at the Philippines’ unilateral request has, ab initio, no jurisdiction, and awards rendered by it are null and void and have no binding force. China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime right

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